Birds & Blue Skies
Urban Song Project

‘Birds & Blue Skies’ observes, through a parent’s eyes, the fleeting experience of childhood, and how hard it is to hold onto these fragments of time and memory. It’s a fairly succinct, brief song, with a short crescendo – emphasizing just how fast these moments pass.

The track was recorded in Colorado and Los Angeles in the US, and various locations in London, UK.


As you skip ahead in the breeze
I marvel at your innocence
Mud up to your knees
You don’t care about the consequence

Birds and blue skies

The joy that floods your face
I laugh as you turn and run
Tiny hands hide your blue, blue eyes
From the rays of a morning sun

I feel the years fly by
Then and now as one
I see our time
It’s here, and then it’s gone

Birds and blue skies

As you skip ahead in the breeze…

All lyrics © Urban Song Project