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The End of All Time
Urban Song Project

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‘The End of All Time’ is about losing control, and being overwhelmed by chaos. It is both metaphoric and prophetic in nature, reflecting on our failure to acknowledge the warning signs of troubles ahead.

The track was recorded in Colorado and Los Angeles in the US, and various locations in London, UK.


As paradise was drowning
Nobody was spared
It’s as if the world stopped turning
And no-one ever cared

Silence was the story
The legacy, the line
The clock of intuition
The end of all time

Change came at the click of a finger
In the night, like a rabid beast
Embraced us for devastation
No chance for peace

The end of all time!
The end of all time!

All lyrics © Urban Song Project

Music written in the city, looking up at the stars, and out toward the oceans…