Where the Engines Stop
Urban Song Project

‘Where the Engines Stop’ is USP’s fourth single – a song about raising your eyes above the chaotic surface of modern life, to see the quieter things that are always there, just hidden from view.

The track was recorded in Colorado and Los Angeles in the US, and various locations in London, UK.


I looked into the night sky
I only saw two stars
I looked back down to earth
And saw a million cars

Turning on my heel
I find a million more
No space to park my heart
But I’ll bring love to your door

Beyond the rooftops
Above the city haze
Maybe there lies a clue
The key to all our days

It’s not in your pocket
Not on the face of clocks
Grab your keys, bring your coat
There’s love where the engines stop

I see the fire
I feel the heat
I hear the ground tremble
Beneath my feet
I’m making changes
I’m losing sleep
But I’ll bring thunder
To this quiet city street

All lyrics © Urban Song Project